Fundamentals API: What field to use to calculate share dilution?

Hello, what is the difference between 2 following “shares outstanding” data?

Path 1: “/Financials/Balance_Sheet/quarterly/${DATE}/commonStockSharesOutstanding
Path 2: “/outstandingShares/annual/${PERIOD_ID}

I’d like to get information about share dilution, however, I see that the numbers are different (for example, for “AAPL.NASDAQ” stock), what field should I use?

Hello Leonid!
In the ‘outstandingShares’ section, we provide the weighted average diluted shares outstanding (adjusted for stock splits). In the ‘Balance_Sheet’ section, commonStockSharesOutstanding refers to the shares of common stock that have been issued minus any treasury stock. This is the weighted average diluted number (the total number of shares if the company’s convertible securities were exercised) used for EPS calculations.

For information about share dilution, the ‘outstandingShares’ section would be most relevant.

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