API for the 52-week high stock prices?

Can you point me to an API for the 52-week high stock prices? Maybe it’s somewhere in documentation, but i can’t find

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Answering your question - this request Bulk API for EOD, Splits and Dividends | EODHD APIs Documentation does that, with the parameter &filter= extended used in your request.

But this API doesn’t return the 52w High stock price list…

52 weeks that you seek is a year. 250d is basically the same period, but it means to calculate roughly 5 trading days per week. So it’s the parameter that you look for.

I did notice that occasionally I would be looking for something right at the year mark but the 250d fields would miss it by a couple days. I ended up calculating my own proper 52w high and low, I felt it would be more consistent for how I was using the data.