Dividends data accuracy


I want to gratitude eodhd’s support for a very fast response and solving issues rapidly.

Sometimes, mostly related to dividends, I get a reply saying that this is how the data provider is sending the data and you don’t really have control over it.

Acknowledging this problem, there are some special tickers with special splits/dividends that might require special handling so I do hope that if and when needed, you could contact the data providers to fix the data on their side or if needed, make the adjustments on your side.

Other than that, your service is great and your support is super great!

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Thanks for the nice words! We’re doing our best to address any issues promptly, where it’s up to us. After all, we have tech-heads working 24/7 in our support. At the same time we’re in constant communication with our providers and we don’t hesitate to push them for fixes when needed :muscle: But i heard you anyway, we will think about how we can optimise and improve our dividents section. :saluting_face: Such feedback is very useful for us.

If you have any specific cases you would like to discuess, bring them here as well.

Thanks for your reply. Following are 4 examples:


until 2019 it was quarterly
in 2020 they didn’t pay at all
in 2021 and 2022 it was semi annual
In 2023 it was again quarterly.

In your div API, you show quarterly in the period of the last 2 dividends in 2023 but you show Other in the first 2 of 2023 and Other in the 2 dividends in 2022.

I guess it should be
quarterly for 2019,
and then semi annual for 2021 and 2022
and quarterly for 2023.

Dividends for 2024 should be semi annual as there are 2 dividends for 2024, just like it is semi annual in 2019 for the same reason.

MMM had a spinoff but your splits API shows it as a split which isn’t true.
You wrote:
Our sources don’t differentiate splits and spinoffs, but you can distinguish them by seeing “odd” figures (such as this one: 1196.000000/1000.000000). This usually denotes a spinoff, not a split. Splits are more casual figures, like 10:1 or 5:1.

I see a similar issue with CBSH where I see splits of 21/20 which are actually not a split, you just get 1 share for every 20 shares that you have. It’s a bit misleading.

Again, thank you very much for a great service and a super great support.

Hello. Thanks for your kind words.

Stock dividend work, down in their essence, as small splits, so they fall, data-wise, under that API. Same for spinoffs, because the EOD data must have a figure in case of a spinoff to be adjusted by.

As for the “period” field, it has some space for improvement, indeed, even though it’s an auxiliary data field.

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If I’ll take MMM spinoff, there is no split whatsoever, you just get shares of SOLV based on the number of shares you currently have of MMM. CBSH is also not a split by any definition, you just get 1 share for every 20 shares you owned. Showing it under splits API is misleading. Maybe consider a new API for these scenarios.

Regarding period, if it’s not serving its purpose, either don’t show it or adjust it to do what it suppose to do, otherwise it’s misleading. If the data provider is providing wrong information, either tell him to fix it or manipulate it on your side.

I apologize if I sound too harsh, this is not my intention. 99.9999% of your data is correct and your fixing is fast and I think your service is great. I just hope this small nuance could be fix to make it perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback, if we get to creating a separate API for spinoffs, stock dividends, other corporate events, anything else unconventional, we’ll move this data to the separate API, but until then, it has to stay where it is stationed currently, to be used by the data (and users who use this type of data) for the needed adjustments to the EOD feed.