Feature request: dividend payout ratio in "dividends" data

Hi, is it possible to add to “dividends API” data “dividend payout ratio” data?

Current API response has following structure:

      "date": "2013-02-07",
      "declarationDate": "2013-01-23",
      "recordDate": "2013-02-11",
      "paymentDate": "2013-02-14",
      "period": "Quarterly",
      "value": 0.0946,
      "unadjustedValue": 2.6488,
      "currency": "USD"

Thank you for reaching out to us with this question. Please contact our technical support team via chat or email at support@eodhistoricaldata.com. The forum is not intended for data correction requests.

@Levon_V Hi, this is not data correction request, it’s a new feature request.

Can you please provide more details what kind of issues should be reported on forum and what issues can be reported through support channel?

In my view, the purpose of the forum is to share ideas, problems, and other topics related to EODHD API and the issues I reported earlier are directly related to API.

I appreciate the effort EODHD is putting into support and I’d love to see less data inconsistency issues as one of EODHD users in future which can be identified by patterns and this forum is one of the ways to report such cases, so EODHD team would check these reports and identity if the data inconsistency pattern is present.

Requests and questions regarding our API should be directed to our support team, as you will receive a much quicker response there. This is why we kindly ask you to contact them directly. It is important for us to respond to our users as quickly as possible. The forum is intended for discussions, sharing news, experiences, and so on.

This would be a handy feature. I calculate it manually at the moment but my ratios don’t always match other platforms.

We understand how important this feature is to some users, so we will consider adding this field in the future.