Hey newbie, introduce yourself here 🕺🏾

Welcome traders, coders, market enthusiasts. Tell everyone about yourself here. Networking can make magic but, first - open yourself up :open_book:

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Looks like i’m going to be first one. Any bonuses from EODHD for it? :smile:

I’m Justas. I work in a big european bank as data analyst. In my free time doing my own app, teach trading, statistics, etc.


Hi, i’m Mark. A bit of coding, a bit of trading. Fooling around crypto, sometimes stocks. I’m building custom portfolios in Google Sheets, TG bots, simple trading bots, etc.


Greetings everyone, I’m really new to trading. So, this should be fun.


Hey everyone! Big thanks to the Team for creating this community; now we have the chance to communicate with each other, which is fantastic! I’ve been using EODHD for quite some time, and I must say, both the APIs and the support are outstanding! Really happy with what you guys are doing!


Hello, my name is Levon. I work in the field of financial data. I’m glad to join this forum and discuss various aspects of financial data and trading with you.

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Hi all, my name is Shan and I use the online handle e0 (when available).

I’ve been working on a stock research platform (https://base.report) for a few years now. Switched to EODHD since a few months ago and this is definitely the best data provider I’ve used.

@Randell_Trulson @Nick @Levon_V @e01 Nice to meet you and welcome to our forum, guys :hugs: I hope you are having a nice & productive week. I’m Alex, the moderator here. Not a bot - out of flash and blood real human. Rare thing today :anatomical_heart:

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Hey everyone, I’m Jason from the EODHD Support Team. Glad to see you all here! I hope we can chat about some cool and helpful stuff. If you’re into trading, you should definitely check out our Academy. It’s packed with good things like backtesting strategies, how to visualize charts, and lots of articles on technical analysis – more than 100 of them! It’s worth a look if you’re looking to up your trading game.

Hi all. I have been off and on building a momentum-based screener that started as a hobby and is maybe sort of turning into an actual product. Started on Quandl over 6 years ago and found EODHD when Quandl dropped support. It worked out because EODHD provides much more data and a slick API for interacting with it.