Are any coders looking for a side job? 😊

I bet many of you are coding not only for yourself but also to help others as freelancers or co-developers. From our perspective, we’ve noticed that there are people who are seeking technical assistance to implement our API and more.

Let’s use this thread as a platform for coders who are open for side jobs. The rules are simple: Reply here with a brief introduction about yourself, your tech stack, and links to your portfolio/Git/etc. If you’ve already implemented our API, feel free to showcase it and provide details on how and where it’s being used.

From our end, we’ll direct individuals seeking technical assistance for their projects to check out this thread. Let’s see how it goes! :blush:

PS: Please refrain from company promotions, as we’ll be removing them. The idea is to facilitate connections between independent developers and people with ideas.

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I am Marco, am doing stock research as side project.
Havent got round to use EOHD API purely because i have been to busy with my full time job, but i am using FMP API at the moment
I’ll b happy to help though
My current tech stack is Python + REST + Dataflow
my git hub side projects

I’d be happy to help


I’d be happy to help anyone, my specialty is data and ETL pipelines!
I’ve implemented most broker APIs and lot of data providers for equities and options.
All of my stuff has been private or behind a paywall so have nothing to show to the public.
My tech stack is .NET, C#, SQL Server, Python, and NoSQL.

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