EOD update time

What time is the https://eodhd.com/api/eod-bulk-last-day updated so I can start my jobs? Thanks.

We update each stock exchange 2-3 hours after the market closes. But except for major US exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ), these exchanges are updated next 15 minutes after the market closes. However US mutual funds, PINK, OTCBB, and some indices do update only the next morning, the update starts at 3-4 am EST and usually ends at 5-6 am EST. For these types of symbols, we always get ‘updated price’ up to 3-4 am.

There is no consistent flag to monitor for when updates are complete. I know they have a “number updated” field somewhere you could use to roughly monitor update completion, but the number is never consistent day to day so you would have to choose a comfortable margin to start processing.

My strategy is to run the script multiple times throughout the evening to get data as it rolls in, then the next day I process the previous day one more time to get any stragglers.