Real Time Mutal Fund Data

It is 7pm EST on 4/23. When I query the real time feed for mutual funds, it is still showing yesterday’s close (4/22), for example


timestamp 1713792600
gmtoffset 0
open 34.77
high 34.77
low 34.77
close 34.77
volume 0
previousClose 34.6
change 0.17
change_p 0.4913

Yet at the same time, your daily bar api, does show the current day’s price (4/23)


date “2024-04-23”
open 35.05
high 35.05
low 35.05
close 35.05
adjusted_close 35.05
volume 0

I would expect your real time feed to show the current day’s price being that it’s in your daily feed.


Thank You.

This is the URL for the real time feed

Hello. We don’t have live data for mutual funds. Their price doesn’t change during the day (see OHLC data for mutual funds), and therefore, the live API’s “current” price is updated at the end of day - just as it is for for EOD data.

Yes, I understand that Mutual fund data is updated at the EOD. My point is that at the end of the day, your historical feed had the EOD price, but your realtime feed didn’t.

I would think that once the number comes out it would be available in both places at the same time.

Are you saying that the historical feed is the better source for up to date mutual fund prices? That makes things hard as I have to go to different sources based on the security type, instead of being able to look in one place for everything.

Thank You.

US mutual funds EOD data is updated between 3-4 am EST and usually ends between 5-6am EST, that means that it doesn’t appear very fast after market close, but rather the next morning.

In terms of the timing of the data appearing on live and EOD APIs, it might be that they’re more or less equal in this regard.