Incorrect fundamentals data

I’m using the fundamentals API to fetch market capitalization, PERatio, 52WeekHigh and 52WeekLow but it’s different to all other common investment tools I’m validating against.

This is an example comparing INTU information, on google stock and the fundamentals API, if both fetched at the same time:


Fundamentals API:

    "Highlights::MarketCapitalization": 171378016256,
    "Highlights::PERatio": 62.5245,
    "Technicals::52WeekHigh": 670.0741,
    "Technicals::52WeekLow": 397.6784

Any ideia why this difference or if I should be looking at sth else for updated values?

Hello. Any price-related metrics, such as market cap, are subject to changes along with the price.

We update the highlights section once a day. If google updates their metrics multiple times during the day, they will obviously differ somewhat from our value each time the update happens.

The low and high on your google screenshot are the raw low and high of the ticker, whereas ours are the same figures, but adjusted to the adjustment factor of the day.

In other words, these examples of data are in no way incorrect.

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