Important exchanges and bonds missing!

Hi everyone!
I’v been using the EODHD API for a while now, and one of the first thing I noticed is that the available exchange list is quite odd. There’s plenty of very small exotic markets, like undeveloped central African countries, while some important markets are totally missing.
Two examples being Japan and Italy.

Another surprise to me is that the bond market is totally absent, despite the claims.
I know it’s a huge market impossible to cover in total, but I tried with so many huge bonds, some of the most popular and largest issue in the world and they are still missing, while it’s still possible to find some old already expired bonds from the past, so my wild guess is that bonds were supported for a while some years ago and then the support dropped completely.

Do you guys have other issue or any requests related with the topic?
Do @EODHD_Developers plan to add it soon?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello. For those two exchanges missing, unfortunately, we don’t currently have this data. We search for a reliable third-party, possibly even a fourth-party, data provider. Our current focus in this matter is finding a vendor that can offer the necessary data at a reasonable price.

For bonds, we simply add them by request for users that need some specific bonds to be added. If you send in a list of bonds missing, we’ll try to add their data to the relevant virtual exchanges.

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