API - Too many requests

I currently have a background process that hits the /real-time API 500 times in a matter of seconds.

EOD documentation states that the “Minute API Limit” is 1k requests, thus, I’m half way from it, however, I’m still getting 429 responses (Too many requests). The X-RateLimit-Remaining response header is also not sent in these responses. Is this an error on EOD or are other kinds of rate limits that are not listed in the docs?

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Hello. Try spreading out the 500 requests more or less evenly through the minute, not make them go off all at once.

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I’m capping it to 100 requests within a couple of seconds, and still getting the too many requests directly from eod nginx server, however, what’s strange to me is that there is no reference to this kind of limit in their documentation. I still have the 1k requests limit within a minute anyway.

I am getting the same issue, I have ‘X-RateLimit-Remaining’: ‘1754’ pending still I am getting 429 error , I think something is wrong with their server. I have 2000 rate limit though.

The official minute limit is 1000, it’s the same for all users:

The advice of working with the minute limit is still the same: please stick to the 1000 requests max, and spread them evenly throughout the minute.

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If the request limit the same for all users we have an error on the response headers because our current account setup also has 2k requests considering the X-RateLimit-Remaining header.

Other than that, the documents lacks an explanation of how many calls it allows per second, we had try and guess to come to 50 requests per second to avoid the 429 responses even though on a one-minute range I make at most 600 calls.

Thanks for pointing out the documentation missing this info, we’ll check and update it with the relevant information soon.