Issue with API (28/5/24)

Since today morning (IST) im having issue where my app which i am running locally request around 10-15 api data ( Technicals, company details, and daily eod)

It was working just fine till yesterday, however data is returning as null for a lot of symbols. And its random, sometimes it may return rsi data as null, or something daily data as null.

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Hello. Please provide the exact API requests that you are using in this case for us to check them.

on a similar note, I just emailed this to support:


It seems that the vast majority of ASX stocks are returning quotes with the same open, high, low & close for May 28… and they’re showing the same closing price as the 27th. For example, gives: {“date”:“2024-05-27”,“open”:26.41,“high”:26.49,“low”:26.03,“close”:26.34,“adjusted_close”:26.34,“volume”:196275},{“date”:“2024-05-28”,“open”:26.34,“high”:26.34,“low”:26.34,“close”:26.34,“adjusted_close”:26.34,“volume”:106281}]

but BKW was actually up $0.05 on the 28th

and gives:
but HLTH was actually down $0.05 on the 28th

Update - As of 8 pm (IST) the issue seems to have fixed. I am able to get the data now. However i will update this thread again if there is reoccurrence of issue.