Historical ticker components

hey, as you know only gspx.indx (sp500) has historical ticker components and even that only shows the start and end date for each ticker. if a ticker is added to the index, having previously been removed from it, that ticker will only have the dates for the most recent period for which it was part of the index. eg: amd.us was removed in 2013-09 and added in 2017-03

here are other tickers that came back: AAL, NE, HP, GAS, PCG, AMD, TEL, FSLR, RIG, HCA, AN, CNC, EQT, FMC, MEE, H, CBE, KDP, TT, MXIM, DXC, CE, PTC, COV, TMUS, DG, BR, ESV, TER, CEG, IR, MIR, CCI, OKE, OI, HRS, LDOS, AMP, FL, JBL, KSU, GGP, DOW, HLT, CF, DD, KMI

there are other problems with the data made available here as a lot of tickers are completly missing

here is a line plot showing the number of tickers in the snapshots

number of stocks in each snapshot

this data is important for screening tickers, quality date here is important to avoid survivorship bias in backtests

Hello, there is a current ongoing work to improve the data set of GSPC.INDX historical components currently, thanks for your patience.

there are free sources out there with more historical components for this index.