Div period of bgl.au is inconsistent


You asked not to post about data issues but for some reason you stopped replying by email so I hope to get a reply here.

I reported that the div API for bgl.au has a period value of “final dividend”. This is inconsistent with the standard value of “final” (like with TPC.AU).

It was fixed but a new update set it back to “final dividend”. Consistency is important so I hope that you will change all “final dividend” to “final” and that it will remain like that. Thanks.

Hello, thanks for your feedback on this issue. We’ll consider improving the database so that cases like this one could be fixed.

We also always reply to emails. The recent one had the following text:

We have answered you several times (screenshots attached). To avoid such misunderstandings in the future, we also recommend using our web chat on the website.

It appears that you block our emails on your side.

I use Gmail, I myself for sure don’t block you.
Anyway, suddenly I saw your reply to me from before so maybe it was a Gmail issue. Usually you do reply back very quickly, that’s why I was surprised.

Anyway thank you for replying.