[Article] EODHD: An Exciting Alternative to IEX Cloud

Originally published at: EODHD: An Exciting Alternative to IEX Cloud | EODHD APIs Academy

Introduction IEX Cloud is a very prominent player in the financial APIs market. Lots of traders, developers, and organizations rely upon their offerings for various purposes. Its robust and reliable services have made it a go-to choice for many. It obviously came as a shock to many when they announced that they would be shutting down all of their API services but it also gave us an opportunity to look beyond IEX Cloud and explore all the viable alternatives to it. Among the top contenders is EODHD, which stands out for a multitude of reasons. EODHD not only offers a comprehensive suite of features but also provides a seamless transition for those looking to move away from IEX Cloud.  Let’s…

Great article! I’ve been using IEX Cloud for a while, but after reading this, I’m seriously considering switching to EODHD. The variety of data and the responsive support are really appealing.

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Can anyone share their experience with EODHD? Specifically interested in the historical data accuracy and how it compares to other services.

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I’ve been using EODHD for about 6 months now, and I must say the data quality is top-notch. The API is straightforward, and their customer support is fantastic. Highly recommend giving it a try!

Does EODHD offer real-time data for cryptocurrencies? I saw they have historical data, but real-time updates are crucial for my trading strategy.